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Jacqui Kenny 'The Agoraphobic Traveller' 

Jacqui Kenny is a New Zealand artist who currently lives in London.  

In 2016 she created The Agoraphobic Traveller, which you can find on Instagram at @streetview.portraits. The Agoraphobic Traveller is a collection of otherworldly screenshots taken in remote locations in Google Street View.  Initially conceived as an escape from her struggles with anxiety and agoraphobia, Jacqui now has over 135,000 followers on Instagram.

She has done a number of projects supported by Google, including a solo exhibition in Soho, New York and a film of her work was shown on the front page of Google globally for World Mental Health Day.  Her work has been featured in Thames & Hudson's  'A Chronology of Photography' and 'Visual Culture' by MIT Press. Her work has been covered by publications including the The New Yorker, National Geographic and most recently a cover story for Wired Magazine. 

As Jacqui moves to the next stage of her work, she has begun to use her expansive curated image archives as data sets to inspire Artificial Intelligence to generate brand new worlds.  Her new project is called Argleton Lane and can be found on Opensea. 

Kenny's work always challenges the idea of ‘who is the creator’?’, and her move into AI has shown how she is positioning curation right at the heart of the creative process.

To see more of her work or to say hello, email  [email protected] or you can find her on  Instagram @streetview.portraits or Twitter @ArgletonLane